Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Internet choir

The internet surprises me everyday with the possibilities that it offers. I saw today a video of Eric Whitacre detailing how he came upon the idea of an internet choir. While it was not the first such idea that I came across, when I saw what they had produced, and the process they went through to achieve it, I was astounded. The music was not the best it could have been, but when faced with the idea of so many unrelated people coming together to make their contribution to this whole, it moved me enough to make the imperfections seem irrelevant.  Music can be enjoyed in solitude, and the intimate personal experience of the music when it is just the music and oneself is invaluable. But, the synergy caused by the shared experience of music in communal music forms such as choir music is inimitable in solitude. And what this video displays is communal music on an entirely new level.  


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